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FS: Prescription DUAL-TONE-OD/Distortion/Fat


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1999 Prescription Electronics DUAL-TONE Overdrive/Distortion pedal. It was hand built by it's designer, James Santiago for Prescription Electronics. It has goo covering the circuit. (pictured) The DUAL-TONE produces 3 different tones. You could have a mellow rhythm Overdrive (green LED) and switch to blazing lead distortion (red LED). Then switch on the Fat (yellow LED) for added Volume boost or Thickness. There are two internal trim pots to set the amount of Volume and Thickness. Fat works with green Overdrive and red Distortion channels.


It's sounds best with a Strat and open back amp. The DUAL-TONE has Volume, Tone, Rhythm Gain and Lead Gain Controls. It is in great condition and sold as is and comes with Box and Directions.


Here's what James Santiago said about his creation!


"It's true. I'm responsible for the DUAL-TONE's existence. I spent about 8 months working on the darn thing. I hand built some prototypes (which took about eight hours each to build) until Prescription Electronics took over the production process. The DUAL-TONE was designed to make thin sounding Strats played through an open-back combo amp sound more like a Les Paul through a Marshall. I voiced the Dual-Tone to work for my Strat through Twin Reverb setup." James Santiago


From Prescription Electronics website: www.fuzzbox.com

An overdrive/distortion pedal that never sounds small, thin or compressed. This unique pedal allows you to preset two different levels of gain. The switchable tone section fattens up your sound even when the pedal is plugged into a bright amp.


ON ebay with a starting bid of $139. Good Luck!


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