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Rare & Boutique effects, Two Rock Amp, 2 Strats


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I am selling this gear due to a family emergency. I am not interested in trades.




FoxRox Provibe w/ power supply - $1000

Gold Horsey Klon - $1100

Whammy WH1 w/ box and power supply $600

Mutron Octave Divider recently serviced by Lsound - $575

Dallas Arbiter/Sound City Fuzz Wah Face (w/ original bag)- $250

RARE RMC 3 circa 1994 Prototype in Vox wah shell. a few scratches on the front tag - $250

Flying Pan RI - $160

(2) Boss DD-5 delays w/ FS-5U tap switches - $120 each $210 for both

HAO Rust Boost II- $70



Sorry, some of the pictures are a bit grainy, iPhone cameras are not that great...







Two Rock Emerald Pro/The WOOD amp


Comes with Heavy Duty padded slip cover.


I acquired this amp to record with from a friend who is the original owner. NO SERIAL NUMBER.


Update on this amp:


I spoke with Bill about the origin and design. he confirms that this amp is "A cross between an Emmy Pro and the 'Wood' amp. It is a one-off prototype. Features in this amp were used to create the Opal amp, but it is not an Opal."


This amp is super clean with 2 tiny tiny white scubs the size of a match head on the back that I am sure will clean up when I bring attention to it. The pic of the back looks like the tranny paint/color is faded/rusted. I assure it is not, just the way the copper came out with the camera flash.


Tube Layout:


Preamp: All TAD except for Reverb driver: GE JAN


Power: TAD 6L6 GC








2005 SRV Strat:


This guitar is in great shape and sounds amazing.


Pau Ferro fret board, 12 in radius, 59 texas special pick guard. Tweed OHSC thats in great condition also.


I will include either pick guard with either covers/knobs (white or cream). If you would like both just let me know.





2009(?) 1959 Limited Edition Custom shop Strat (43 of 59)


This guitar is in BRAND NEW condition.


DARK Indian rosewood fret board, 9.5 in radius. 6150 frets. Fralin Blues Special pups. 5 way pickup select. Comes with OHSC by G&G Vintage cases. Brown tolex like the old late 50/early 60s amps.


Same guitar listed here for $1590 without the Fralins http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/msg/1813493130.html






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