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FS: Yamaha RA-200 Leslie (Gilmour fans, etc.)

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For sale is a vintage Yamaha RA-200R, the leslie/amp combo used by Gilmour and... well, nobody else famous. But it's a pretty sweet piece of gear either way!


If you're not hip to the RA-200 vibe, here's a good primer.




Perfect working condition, except for two things:


1. Needs a footswitch to really bring out all the functions. ANY stereo two-button footswitch will work, I just don't have one handy. I did plug one in at one point, and all of the leslie and switching functions work perfectly.


2. There's an audio problem, which I believe to be related to the input. I would almost take a stab at identifying it, but don't really have enough knowledge to say for certain. My gut feeling is that it's a small problem.



The volume seems to be not coming though at full signal, and when you hit the input hard (i.e. hit the guitar strings harder), you get a sort of "crackling" or volume spike, which is pretty loud. So I feel like it's something small like a bad capacitor, or something relating to the input. Again no proof, but that's my hunch, and that's the only way I can describe the symptom.


Cosmetically I'd say it's in good condition, very good condition considering its age - I'd guess that it has not been gigged most of its life.


The amp sounds beautiful and it has a bit of mojo -- the four 12s and big, clean, and loud! The leslie speakers have that distinctive warm midrangey warble to them. The reverb is quite usable.


Amp is currently in Tulsa, OK -- it's been in climate controlled storage for most of the time that I've had it.


Asking price: $590, or best offer.

Buyer pays for actual shipping costs.


This is a pretty cool, unique piece that would make a great addition to a studio, or somebody looking to authenticate their Gilmour setup. ...or, just anybody looking for a HUGE, clean amp that will scare people at gigs.


More pics available on request...















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I have bought RA200 and rotary speakers are turning but sound only comes from stationary ones. Please could someone help because there is not much info out there. Is it something that can be fixed?
Sorry to bother you.

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