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Aaron SS

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I've got a LOT of odds and ends that I'll be listing for sale....Here's what I've got to start :






Brand new M-Audio EXP Expression Pedal - Custom modified by me with heavier duty internal wiring + Neutrik Stereo Jack. Makes this pedal more durable and able to use external stereo cables. Also includes a custom made 20" TRS Cable made using USA Made Cable and Neutrik Rean Plugs. Quality stuff for a reasonable price. $40






Brand new Telecaster Wiring Harness and Control Plate - Brand new and custom wired by me using Evidence Audio Monorail Cable, Mallory .47uf Cap. Alpha Pots, and a Switchcraft Jack. Also includes Chrome Barrel Knobs and a Top Hat style switch. Has one very tiny scratch on the front of the control plate as I received it this way. A GREAT upgrade for your tele. $40 or $46 if you would like the "Treble Bleed Mod" added.




Tiny Tap Tempo Switch - Brand new and again made by me using PPP Sparkle Enclosures, "soft touch" Momentary Switches, and Neutrik Jacks. Can also be used as external switches for Axe FX's and other units. $30, there is 1 blue and 1 red.




Dunlop Zakk Wylde Signature Wah - Brand new condition, the best wah I've used with high gain. $60




TC Electronic Polytune - Brand new in the box. $85


All prices are shipped/paypal gifted. PM me :thu:

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