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SoulSonic Four Banger, ZVex LFLJ, Skreddy Echo, amps, capo, etc.

Coma Larkin

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Only looking for an AC4TV8 in trade currently, thanks!

Local Seattle area pickup obviously negates any shipping costs.


SoulSonic Four Banger: SOLD!


ZVex Lo-Fi Loop Junky: SOLD!


Skreddy Echo: SOLD


G7th 12 String Capo: SOLD


Ceriatone Champ Ultra head: SOLD


Sano 160:SOLD!


Fender Pro Junior: Heavily modded Pro Junior that sounds fantastic now. Replaced speaker baffle w/ baltic birch and upgraded speaker cloth (can include original baffle and cloth if you wish). Original speaker replaced w/ a Jensen from a Gibson amp for better bass response. BillM mods professionally installed, from upgraded caps to an adjustable bias mod (see pics). Comes w/ JJ EL84's and 2 JAN 5751's. Really is incredible but I'm in the midst of a gear purge. $350 shipped



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