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FT, maybe FS: HBE UFO


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FS/FT Homebrew Electronics UFO




Badass Fuzz with an octave up. Tight build, super loud, multiple voicings, lots and lots of gain. Sounds fantastic through a slightly overdriven tube amp also fun to stack with and OD. Solid condtion and works like a champ.


Sale price: $135 shipped/pp, but I'd prefer to trade.


Id add or take a little cash for the right deal, heres what Im looking for


GGG Tuned Version

BMP w/ Tone wicker (I'd need some dollars on your end)

Blackout Effectors MUSKET (Would add cash if need be!)

Any well built Green Russian Clones

Stomp Under Foot

Ronsound Hairpie

Sanford and Sonny Bluebeard (Know its a long shot but I REALLY want one so again, I'd add cash)


I'd also consider trading my RC-2 for the right pedal, but it would have to be good.


Pm Me.

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