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FS: sCream Cheese overdrive...SWEET PEDAL!


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I used this pedal when I had my Marshall DSL, but my Ultra XL module doesn't really need an Overdrive pedal at all. Anyway, this pedal, in my opinion, slays tubescreamers and Maxon ODs. It has much more tonal flexibility and is also less noisy than the aforementioned pedals. It has a 9.4 sound quality rating on the reviews here for what that's worth:thu:


It's a cheeseblocks effects sCream Cheese 2.0 Overdrive with built in feedback looper. Two stacked JRC4558D chips (means nothing to me but somebody might appreciate it haha) Sweet casing, great (minty) condition. Will include power supply for $135 shipped and paypalled.


Pictures available upon request (PM me). I have 100% ebay feedback under the same name as well as several deals here and on the randall forums and marshall forums.


Thanks guys!


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