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Blackout Effectors Musket, DE7, Broken DEM


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Blackout Effectors Musket v1. Great condition - number 170ish so it's one of the last few v1s. $130




Whetstone is not for sale.


DE7 - works perfectly, no switch issues or anything like that. $50




1980 Deluxe Electric Mistress w/ Davis Mod *BROKEN* - bought this direct from Davis a while back and FedEx broke it. He said he it shouldn't be a problem to fix it - but in the mean time I decided I didn't like flangers that much, so I never got around to it. Just seeing if anyone is interested in it...




1st gen PSP with custom firmware - anybody want one??? I also have a few games and whatnot - shoot me a pm if interested.




Not looking for trades - been buying things and need to replenish the bank account.

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