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FUZZY COMBO! MidFi, Melx2, Whammy 2, Phaser, EHX, DC Brick


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I sort of need money for school and a side project, so I'm not really looking for trades, but try me.


Mid Fi Glitch Computer! $160 shipped! I think this is an older version. It's hand painted and has a dude in a witch hat which I'll get a picture of when I'm not lazy. And it comes with the glove it was packaged in. It's crazy. This is more of a feeler because, well, it's crazy. I'd also be down to trade for a clari(not).


Dr. Scientist Frazz Dazzler. $120 It's just the raw metal enclosure with a red Dr. Scientist pick stuck on it. Pretty nifty. I've also got a set of multi-colored knobs for it and the box.


Super fuzzy combo! NYC Big Muff and Melx2 $110 Shipped! The muff has its power supply! The Melx2 has its battery! Lets rawk!


Fender classic phaser. It's cool. Has a huuuuge wheel thing to control the speed with your foot. I've got the box and everything else it came with. $90.


EHX Holier Grail- It works again! But is missing the reverse gate switch. I only use it for the long spring reverb, so trade me for a Spring Chicken or Chicklet or something? Or buy it for like $110?


the orange thing is where the reverse gate switch was supposed to be. I think you could just attach a new plastic thing...



Digitech Whammy II- I guess pitch shifting isn't my cup of tea, but the chorus is bitchin...actually it's just bitchin all around. That 2 octave up kills things. $200 with a power supply.



DC Brick power supply. With the box and cables and velcro on the bottom. $70?



Wit teh revrs graffix for xtra mojoz.

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