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Trying to unload FX? Maybe a trade is in your future?


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Have you thrown up your hands over noisemakers and vowed to simplify? Has buyer's remorse for that Whiteface RAT Reissue set in? Are you sick of the lowballing because it's a buyer's market? Maybe these may be the better way to go. Your choice of the items, each has a $350 trade value, I ship mine you ship yours.



Preference goes to fewer but better pedals, and what I can use most are quality dirt and ODs, MXR handwired reissues, & tremolo, maybe top reverb as well.


While I already have these items, I will certainly entertain your superior unit as an upgrade: Delay > than EHX DMM, Chorus > than EHX Small Clone, Flange > than MXR EVH (pref ADA reissue).


Also amenable to oddballs like the Ampeg Scrambler, bass synth, or even a Weber Attenuator (for 100W amps). Let me know what you got.




What I got:


Epiphone Flying V Goth. '58' style stringthrough body, new nut, repositioned strapbutton, baseball bat neck, one ding -otherwise perfect. These are no longer produced and getting harder to find.




Blue Voodoo BV-60 combo. 60 watt all-tube amp, fully serviced with new caps and sovtek 6L6s. Has two channels with seperate EQs, footswitchable reverb and bright, and it auto-biases tubes so you can drop what strikes your fancy without having to bias.




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