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fs/ft MJM Roctavious!!!!


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This is the old style version, I got it in a trade and just can't use it on my board....handmade boutique octave fuzz. Cool pedal but fuzz ain't my thing. If you dig octave fuzz this is one of the best pedals out there for it for the price. The video is the new version but it sounds the same. MJM is making some great stuff, I also got a Blues Devil and it just freaking kills! There is a link to some reviews between the pic and the video.

$110 to your door!

I'm adding a Morley Crystal Chorus too, it has some dings that have been painted over...it works as it should.

$35 Shipped.

I'll trade for pretty much anything too, try me! I could really use a delay and can kick in some cash to make it right!


HC REVIEWS...ALL 10's!!!!


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