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FS: Older dual channel Rocktron Hush pedal


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I havent used this awesome pedal in the last 3 to 4 years. Its a dual channel Hush Systems from Rocktron..Not sure of the exact age but I know I've owned it for 10 years.


You have two options to set your hush threshold.. you can have more on one knob or less on the other. Its great because you can switch off with the one footswitch button. You can also turn the whole unit off with the other switch.


I've not seen one of these ever on ebay or even in classifieds. The over all condition is good. Its god some finish rubbing off and some dust. I've tested it and everything seems to be in working order. It uses 9 volts and has a spot for a spare one. It also can run on wall power..however I do not have a power supply for it.


I'm only wanting to sell. $80 obo this also includes shipping and will ship in the US lower 48





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