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Maxon/Blackout/WayHuge/Boss/Digitech etc...


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Got a couple pedals that I'm not using and wanna see what I can get for them. They all work great. I'm mainly looking for trades but if you wanna buy something then make me an offer. NOTE: I can only accept MoneyOrders as payment so please be aware of that before you make a cash offer. Thanks


Maxon PT999- Great Phaser in basically mint condition, I bought it without hearing it first and found out its just a little too subtle for me


Blackout Musket Fuzz V2- Basically Mint, just don't get enough use out of it as some of you other guys would


WayHuge Swollen Pickle- Also basically Mint, again it sounds great and the bass response is massive but I doint use it that often


Digitech Digidelay- Great condition, I've had a couple of these in the past and will probably end up getting another later on down the road


Boss GE7- Couple scratches and 2 slider caps missing but it works perfectly fine and does what its supposed to do. MIJ black label version


JJ/Tesla Power Tubes- complete quad of JJ E34L's bought directly from eurotubes and used one time for about 30min and decided I liked 6L6's Better


Paul C. Timmy- velcro on the bottom but other than that its mint, works perfectly and sounds fantastic. I throw this up for trade from time to time to see if any interesting offers come up for it


Whirlwind Redbox- great compressor! That's all there is to say about it! Pretty much mint. Velcro on the bottom








I'm open to hear all trade offers as I like to see what's out there instead of limiting the thread to things I'm strictly looking for. So if you see something you want offer up!

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i tried pm-ing you last time around and it never worked, so...

earthquaker sound shank for musket? looks just like
, and here is a



Sorry about that dude, I don't know what the problem was or why I never got them. The SS sounds nice, pm me again and we can discuss further. It pm doesn't work we can just exchange email addresses

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is the Pickle still available? I've got an EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress


Yes, the pickle and everything else is still available.

Not really looking for a Mistress at the moment though. I'd be happy to hear any other offers you may have though

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