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Lovetone, ZVEX, SKB Pedalboard, and more


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Lovetone Cheese Source - $1000 shipped

-Both the Big Cheese and Brown Source in one pedal. The coolest fuzz and overdrive pedals in one!



Zvex Seek Wah- $240 shipped

-Contains a 60's wah pedal inductor controlled by an analog sequencer, with up to eight separate steps available, controlled by eight separate knobs.



SKB PS15 Powered Pedalboard- $100 shipped

-Like new SKB pedal board with built in power supply. Comes with the heavy duty nylon bag and all the adapters. You can power 6 pedals, or more with a daisy chain (ie: Boss TU-2)



DOD 575 Flanger- $50 shipped

-80's flanger with the SAD chip, sounds really good!




I take Pay Pal, will ship international and NYC meetups are an option too.

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