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FS(EU):Triple Recstortion,None More Black,Silverkiss mk2,CrunchBox v2,MojoDrive, etc.


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All prices including PayPal and shipping in EU (worldwide +5 EUR).


All pedals are in very good condition.

For most pedals I still have boxes.



Menatone None More Black #3 - TRADED


Wampler Triple Recstortion (limited 100 units) - off the market, I keep it :)


Catalinbread Silverkiss mk2 - SOLD


Lovekraft Mojo Drive - TRADED


MI Audio Crunch Box v2 - - 85 EUR



I am looking to sell for a cash (new guitar),

but there are some pedals which I still GAS for:




    I am definitely not looking for any fuzzes, any envelope filters, any ring modulators and similar effects.




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