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FS: Noisemaker Effects Pedals and Amps - New Redesigned Soviets Available Now!


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http://www.noisemakereffects.com now has Paypal shopping carts for easier purchasing! Use your Paypal account or credit cards with ease!


These are all in stock, and ready to ship. No trades. Shipping is $6 in the US, $14 international. For more information, check out the Noisemaker Effects homepage at http://www.noisemakereffects.com!


All amps and pedals are built by hand with top quality parts including Neutrik Jacks, Alpha Pots, and 3PDT switches for true-bypass switching. All circuits use point-to-point perfboard wiring.


Crush Fuzz - $60


The Crush Fuzz is a versatile, creamy, two knob fuzz pedal. A bit lower in gain, it covers a lot of ground.



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Do you have any more clips of the The Sludgemaker?

Your prices are ridiculously fair btw.

Edit: Nevermind, found more clips on your site.

Yeah - I try to get a good range of clips for all the pedals up on the site and the Noisemaker Effects Soundcloud (www.soundcloud.com/noisemaker-effects).

As far as the prices, I keep them low because I really think everyone should be able to have boutique pedals on their board. They're hand wired with high quality components, true bypass, and sound great because of that.

EDIT: I added the latest video demo of the Soviet to the first post, as well as to the Soviet's product page on www.noisemakereffects.com. Check it out!

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