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DMM, discontinued Tone Factor, Earthquaker, Effector 13 and more!


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All prices shipped & paypalled to contiguous 48 states unless otherwise specified. With everything, if you think I'm pricing too high, PM me and we'll talk. I want to move this stuff. I'm trying to raise funds for an acoustic guitar that I can't afford, so no trades or lowball offers please.


Tone Factor Huck. $95 shipped. Germanium/Silicon hybrid fuzz. Fuzz Face-style with a Big Muff tone-stack. It rocks.




Tone Factor 75 Special. $95 shipped. One knob dirty boost. Tightens up clean channels nicely, and kills on dirty channels/dirty amps. Outside knob is for volume & there's a trimpot inside to control gain.




Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man. $OLD.


Earthquaker Devices Grand Orbiter. $OLD



DOD FX-17. $60 shipped. I dig it but it doesn't get much use, so it's gotta go.




Effector 13 VFM Smooth. $90 shipped. This is basically the Soda Meiser circuit with no chaos/noise mode. When the gain is full-on and you play high on the neck, you get some really cool scrambled fuzz tones. Otherwise, tons of thick heavy fuzz. The first E13/Devi pedal I ever bought that had enough low end for me.


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