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EHX, GNI, Reverend, and Dunlop Pedals for sale or trade cheap!


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I have:


- GNI Xtreme Distortion. Near Mint. High-end boutique distortion that covers all the bases and features fully adjustable studio-quality vintage, modern, and metal distortions plus an onboard secondary boost switch. This pedal can reliably account for your ENTIRE distortion section on your board (minus fuzz) if you are lacking space but dont want to sacrifice quality and versatility. Made in Brazil! Runs $240 everywhere that sells it. Will sell for only $150 cash. Trade value $165-$200.


- Reverend Drivetrain I. Very rare and long since out of production. Some scratches towards the bottom of the pedal but not on the face. One of the 5 best boutique OD's out there in my opinion. Only letting it go because it sounds too close to my Kanji Eternity OD. Will sell for $120 cash. Trade value $125-$160.


-EHX Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai. Near mint. This delay has it ALL... Presets, echo, delay, reverse w/ playback, and even a layerable looper... all in STEREO! Will sell for $165. Trade value is $175-$190 or so.


-Older Dunlop/Thomas Jimi Hendrix Wah. Has a slightly scratchy pot. Easily fixed/cleaned. Very reliable. Has seen much use but sounds great with the pot cleaned. Valuing it at about $40-$50 in trade. Will sell it for $40.




Whatcha got? All higher end, boutique, or popular pedals will be considered, as will MIM strats or teles. Actively seeking empress superdelay, timefactor w/looper pedal, Boss PS-3, other delays with looping, micro pog, and just about anything you CANT buy at Guitar Center...


All I ask is that you please research values before offering and be fair. I've listed how much I expect out of my pedals, but if you think a price is out of line, feel free to shoot me an offer! Email me at (smgbad@yahoo.com) if interested or just pm me. Thanks!

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