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fs: Fender, Cusack, Laney, Lightfoot Labs, Boss


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Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper 2: $300



The mother of all trem pedals. Got this about a year or 2 ago when they first released the 2nd version. I've used it here and there but it really has just sat on my one pedal train board with a few other high end pedals. so i gotta trim down and lose some dead weight.


Cusack Screamer/Fuzz: $150



got this a few years ago when i was using a vox AC30. I've been using it with the laney and it's awesome. mainly using the cusack as a distortion with a little fuzz then using the amps drive channel to boost it. Great pedal, good condition.



All prices are before shipping, message me with your shipping info and i can get you a quote.


Party on!


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