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For Trade - Hotcake, Smallstone, Maxon, Vintage Boss


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For Trade


Crowther Hotcake - older version, no Bluesberry bull{censored}, just 3 knobs and that big Hotcake sound.


Electro Harmonix Smallstone - Russian, modded for true bypass and I'l include a little DIY adaptor so it can be run off negative tip power supplies like 99% of other pedals out there. Sanded back to bare metal on the face.


Maxon 6-band EQ - comes with box and papers


Vintage 1986 MIJ Boss DS-1 - big tight distortion, not the mosquito in a can that the Taiwanese stuff puts out


Try me on trades, looking to mix it up a bit.


Can't get pics up, sorry, but here is a link to the same ad over at TGP, with pics



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