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I build custom pedals. Occaisionally I have extra pedals I let go of, or that are overstock. Prices are listed below,and the shipping and Fees are not included. Here's what I have available right now:


Used - Priced to Sell!! Also on ebay, I will pull them for a buyer here.


Ross Compressor Clone: This is pretty rad, perfect working condition, has a good finish except one of the holes was drilled a bit off, so one of the knobs looks out of place. Otherwise it's fine, and is true bypass.


Tube Screamer: Gone 808 specs. This one is in perfect working condition also, and it's finish is not quite perfect. But it works like a tubescreamer, only better because it's true bypass.




Good Condition:


Rebote Delay - (Removed) This is a pretty tricked out delay. The tap tempo feature sets it apart, especially for it's size. It's pretty hard to find a True Bypass delay with Tap tempo in as small a footprint as this delay. You're really going to need to convince me to let this one go. Fuzzy Velcroed



MicroSynth XO - (Gone) Great cosmetic Shape. Great functional shape. Great overall pedal. I like this thing a lot, and the only thing I would consider in trade would be the POG2 or one of the delays listed below. Fuzzy Velcroed


New overstock:


Neutrino - (Gone) New condition clone of the Eternity (burst specs).


Honey Drive - (Gone New condition clone of the Honey Drive.



Things I'm interested for in trades, and these only at this point:



Boss OD-3

Barber Tonepress



EHX POG2 (Have a POG1, would love to talk about a 2)



Eventide Timefactor

Boss DD-7

Boss DM-2

Deluxe Memory Man (not the XO version)



TC Electronic Polytune


Thanks, Jacob

JMK Pedals


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