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Keeley DD-3 delay with TRS cable


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looking for a trade or $120 shipped and pp'd, has some wear (previous owner had a sticker on top) but sounds great, has blue LED, 3 way mod, and effects loop mod. USA and paypal please.




The mod includes the "high-cut" or "analog" mod on a three way toggle switch which makes the delay warmer sounding and cuts back on the repeats so it sounds more like an analog delay. The center position is stock, switched to the right is more analog sounding and switched to the left is even more analog sounding. The second part of the mod is even cooler. The direct out jack was replaced by a TRS jack which acts as an effects loop. With a TRS cable you can run an effect in the FX loop jack on the pedal and it will add that effect to just the delay repeats!

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