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FS-Pedals and board


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I have all of the following for sale


*Boss DD-5 with FS-5U-Awesome delay pedal, and with the FS-5U you can change the tempo of the delay time on the fly.


*EHX Metal Muff (Pocket version)-Awesome little pedal, a really good distortion even when it's not turned up for the metal sound


*GFS pedal tuner-One of the best tuners I've used, but I have a tuner in my new setup already **Saving for trade bait**


*SKB Powered pedalboard with gig bag, power cables, and onespot (to power it)


(And heck, while I'm at it)


*Tele project, S101 body/neck, black with white pickguard, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, back of neck is finished (super smooth), Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack in the neck, Dimarzio Tone Zone in the Bridge. Dunlop straplocks. Needs a new nut, and some new tuners would be good too. Will include gig bag and stock pickups.



Only trades I'm looking for are

-4 string bass

-dual humbucker guitar

-Ibanez TS-9 or similar pedal


Reply here, or shoot me an e-mail at titancaleb@yahoo.com. Feel free to send any questions too. Thanks!

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Interested in the tele project. I have a Squier P J that i have painted about 10 times trying to get the right color combo. Needs a good strip though, not a fan of the last color. Has Model P+J pickups in (dimarzio) but i have the originals too. Very dark sounding with the Models in. I could send that plus 75 bucks?

PM me if you want to hear the bass in action, used it on my bands latest album. :wave:

Also, i have an Epi SG that had a broken headstock, it is repaired and plays OK, but not fantastic. Would benefit from a fret file.

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