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FS Feeler: Everything


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Thinking about ditching my electric setup for an acoustic only rig. I'm looking to get a nice acoustic/electric so I just want to get a feel for how much I can get for everything. PM me if you're interested in anything and how much you'd take it for.


Danelectro V1 Cool Cat Fuzz

Danelectro v1 Cool Cat Drive (silver one)

Hardwire CM-2 Tube overdrive

Deltalabs Chorus

Holy Grail reverb (original, not nano)

Boss DD-7 (may keep this)

BBE Sonic Stomp

Digitech Jam Man(will most likely keep this as well)

Blackheart Little Giant Combo Amp

Agile AL-3000 HSBF


I can get pics if there's enough interest. But shoot me a PM if you have any questions. Amp and guitar I would probably rather sell locally (Ohio) but we can maybe work something out.

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