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Awesome pedals for SUPER low prices! Trades possible too ;)


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For sale or trade:


- Brand new Pigtronix Echolution analog delay w/ modulation. This is one of those delays that can literally do it all, It has killer tremolo and chorus modulation added in as delay types as well. Not a scratch or mark on it! Comes with box, paperwork, and power supply. Has Velcro on the bottom from where it was a demo model at one Pigtronix weekend appearance. As a bonus, this comes with a custom VooDooMan remote A/B switch for switching on/off the Echolution's reverse and looping modes.These run $479 new pretty much everywhere you look(and the remote switch runs around $55). Asking only $305 shipped or $350 or so in trade! TRADED!!!


- Like new Fulltone OCD (Version 4). Looks and sounds brand new. $105 shipped or $120 in trade.


- Line 6 EX-1 Expression pedal w/ cable. Used but still in nice cosmetic shape. Works 100%. Perfect for DL4, M9, M13, or any other Line 6 application! Runs $70.00 new. Will take $40 shipped or about $50 in trade. SOLD!!!


- Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone. Brand new (less than 1 week being outta the box). MintY fresh condition with Velcro. Only getting rid of it because right after buying this NEW last week, I've got a friend who just today traded me his keeley 4 knob compressor which I have wanted for a LONG time! not saying it's better... I'm just a keeley whore. Comes with box, papers, and ac adaptor. Asking only $120 shipped/ppl'd! TRADED!


Tradewise... Whatcha got that I might like? On the prowl for Goatkeeper, top-shelf wahs, a mad professor auto wah, a zvex seek wah or ooh wah (I or ii), and other weird/funky stuff I may want on my board or in my hands when I play To a packed colleseum... Lol


PM me -OR- for faster resonse just email me at smgbad@yahoo.com. Thx!

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