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FS: Screwdriver, "D*A*M inspired" Tri-Boost & v2 Small Stone


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1) drasp built, Preston etched, custom DIY DE Torn's Peaker - I was building this for myself, but I've gotten sidetracked & could use the money more than I could use another fuzz. I'd *LOVE* to find a buyer before I drill the enclosure so I can build it however he/she wants, but if I don't have any interest in the next day or two, I'll probably just finish it my way & offer it up finished. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE - DON'T LET IT PASS YOU BY!!! Enclosure design & etch by the Talented Mr. Preston. Lets put the knobs on the side, 'eh? ~$150 shipped (depends on what you want to do w/ it)




2) Beautiful Blue Skreddy Screwdriver w/ REAL wear & tear - No box, no instructions, no feet, no velcro. Killer OD for someone who wants to put it on their board & make some rock 'n' roll noises. $OLD




3) BYOC Tri-Boost - Built by the Excellent Mr. SonicVI for his own personal use. The Ge Rangebooster section is modded to be similar to a D*A*M Red Rooster, complete with 'range' knob, NOS CV7112 black glass mil-spec Ge trannie, etc. Its been the primary boost on my board for the last year or two - love it, but I've got something else planned. I re-finished it in a killer grey hammertone powder & added the (real) US-made Davies chicken knobs. $135 shipped






4) Vintage EHX Small Stone v2 - Excellent sounding Small Stone. Modded for true bypass + standard Boss 2.1mm DC power. Electrolytic caps were replaced with fresh, modern parts by me. I love this pedal but almost never use phase so it spends most of its time gathering dust. . . $OLD




I'd like to move all of the above ASAP - if my prices seem whack, don't be shy about sending me a PM w/ a realistic offer!

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