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LOT F/S: Misc Effect Pedal Parts (trannys, perf, pots, jacks, misc)


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Cleaning house of some pedal parts I don't need.


All new parts.


A few of the trannys may have been breadboarded, but no cut or soldered leads


2 perfboards, double sided 15x24 hole


10 DC Jacks -flush mount w/ nut


4 BC108B metal can transistors


10 Fairchild 2N5088 transistors


10 BD139 transistors


2 B1K pots 16mm


4 nylon adhesive standoffs


6 Boss-style knobs, 2 blue, 4 white tops


4 transistor sockets


...and 12 Russian NPN germanium transistors (kinda leaky, but a novelty if nothing else)



$30.00 for all shipped and paypall'ed




Please don't ask me to split up the lot, transistor gains, etc.

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