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FT: EHX POG2 | DMM | Xotic AC+ | BB+ | DLS Feeler


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Can add cash if a trade needs to be evened out. Here's what I've got:


Xotic AC+ - Sold.

Xotic BB+ - Traded.


Trade ideas:

Analogman Mini Chorus

Analogman Sunface w/ sundial

Digitech WH-4 (+ cash or ???)

Fromel Lush / Seraph

Malekko B:Assmaster

RMC Wizard Wah

Skreddy Screwdriver

Suhr Riot

Zvex Fuzz Factory handpainted




Electro Harmonix POG2 - Sold.


Trade ideas for the POG2, or POG2 + $$$, depending on value of item you're offering:


Eventide Pitchfactor

DAM Sonic Titan

Digitech WH-1

Dr. Scientist Cosmichorus (if graphic is awesome)

Landgraff LDO / MOD

Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper

Rockbox Boiling Point

Skreddy Mayo / Zero

Strymon Brigadier

Strymon BlueSky

WMD Geiger Counter

Maestro Echoplex

Roland RE-150 / RE-101




Electro Harmonix DMM (big box)

This on is my wife's. It's her pride and joy, and the only pedal she would consider trading it for is the Strymon Brigadier. Not interested in any other offers on this one. The DMM is in great condition. No major scratches. Comes with power adapter.


Catalinbread DLS (feeler)

V.2 in Absinthe. I think I'd only consider getting rid of this if I can come up with an od that's a little meaner to replace it with one of my other trades. You can send in your trade offers. I won't bite...... too hard. :D

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Bump because the DMM is your wife's pride and joy... That's awesome.

Actually, would you be interested in a dm2 for the AC or BB?

That's only part of it. Her whole setup is monochromatic. I should get a picture up here of it all. She's the best wife a gear slut could ask for. :love::lol:

As for the DM2.... mmmmm :snax:...... You have a pm waiting for you.

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