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Pedaltrain Jr, Retrosonic Phaser, Misc parts.


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Everything is priced for USPS priority shipping in the CONUS exept for the "Misc. Items" and paypal'd (I'll eat the fees). Only trade I'm interested in is a TC Electronic G-System plus cash on my end of course.


Pedaltrain Jr. Mint condition with softcase and power brackets. $75





C-Bread Semaphore. Sold.

Wampler Analog Echo. Sold.

Retro Sonic Phaser mint with velcro box and dox. $125.

ISP Decimator mint with velcro but NO box or dox. Sold.



Misc Items. $35 shipped first class for everything left. Free first class shipping if you buy 3 or more items.


Single coil A3 bridge pup from a classic vibe 50s squier strat. $7

Vintage style tunners and inserts from a classic vibe 50s squier strat. Missing screws. Sold

Black neckplate with screws and pad. $4

Set of cream strat knobs, vol tone tone. $3

2 250k Cts pots wired with a .47 cap. I instaled these new and used for a week before swaping them out for 500k pots. $7

Used USA 5 way switch. $4

3 black single covers. $4

Crome knob no longer for sale.

Black standard strat buttons. $3

Black strat jackplate with jack. $4

1spot daisy chain to power 5 pedals. $5

1spot daisy chain to power 8 pedals $8 (not pictured)


Thx for looking and pm me for any questions.



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