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FS: Dr. Scientist Miniberator, Timmy, Liquid Sunshine, Original Swollen Pickle, etc.

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I have a lot of pedals for sale at the moment. Not really interested in any trades at this time, since I need the cash. Let me know if you have any questions, and all prices include Paypal and shipping within the continental United States. Thanks!




Subdecay Liquid Sunshine- The pedal works perfectly, and looks like new. It includes the original box and paperwork, but as I stated earlier, I got a Bogner Shiva, so I don't really need my dirt pedals anymore. Asking $125.






Way Huge Swollen Pickle (not the reissue)- This is one of the original Way Huge Swollen Pickles. I checked inside, and it dates to 1997, and it is serial number 096. The pedal works 100% perfectly, and it looks almost perfect. There are a few really, really tiny scratches (pin sized), and one of the bottom 4 screws is missing, but other than that, it looks perfect. None of those cosmetic issues affect the functionality of the pedal at all though, as it works and sounds great. Now, I don't know what the originals go for anymore, and I haven't seen any on eBay recently to gauge the prices, but I'm not really in any big hurry to get rid of this one, so I'm going to ask $385, but if no one offers me that, I'm not going to be terribly heartbroken. If you want it, make an offer though, and we can talk, but if I have to keep it, I'm definitely fine with that. :lol:









Dr. Scientist Mini Radical Reverberator- Sold

Korg Pitchblack- Sold

Paul C. Timmy- Sold

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Oh, hell no. That thing isn't going anywhere! I'm only playing in one band now though, so having two Miniberators seemed excessive, so I sold my rain drop pattern Miniberator. Still sad to see it go, but that test pattern one is the graphic that I always wanted on my RRR, so I don't think I'll ever sell it.

WHEW!!! Yeah, I :love: that design, I have been on the lookout for one of those for a while. I was similarly sad that you might have sold yours and that I might have missed it! :lol:

Anyhoo, bump for you! :thu:

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