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AM8000R, RC2, Phase 45, DC Brick, BYOC, etc.


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Ran into some financial problems and need to unload some stuff I don't use much. All items are located in Louisiana.


Prices include shipping within the lower 48. Paypal preferred. Pictures coming soon.


Korg AM8000R - Awesome multi-fx unit. You most likely already know about it. Unfortunately, I never really utilized its versatility, so I need to get it to someone that will. Great shape. - $220


Boss RC-2 with FS-5U - Great shape. - Sold


MXR Script Phase 45 - Old. Sounds awesome. Looks old. - Pending


BYOC 250+ - Built to DOD 250 specs. Built by me. Sounds good. - $60


Dunlop DC Brick - Don't have enough pedals to justify owning this. Comes with lots of connectors. Good shape. - $70


MXR 31 Band EQ - Some minor scratches and dings. - $60


Hush IICX - Noise gate. Good shape. - $50


The AM8000, LXP-1, DC Brick, and Hush all come with the required wall-warts.

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