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Sell me your Tremolo!

Estephan Rodriguez-Torres

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I'm a little over browsing the forum for a tremolo, and the search function here is pathetic, so if you have a tremolo for $130 or under and are happy to deal with an Aussie, send me a PM or bump the thread.


My main interests are:


- Lovepedal Babyface Trem

- Malekko Trem

- Catalinbread Sem Trem (particularly horizontal)

- Catalinbread Valcoder

- Fulltone Supa Trem

- EQD Pulse Machine

- Mojo Hand Sugar Baby

- Guyatone VTX


Others i'd be willing to throw in a little more would be (not over $170):


- Monster FX Swamp Thang

- Empress Trem

- Diamond Trem

- Demeter Tremulator (TRM-1)


*The prices are only for the pedal. I'll cover the additional costs for postage to Australia.

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