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FS/FT: Boss GT-8


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Getting back to a basic pedal-based setup, and not using this much any more. A great unit that can be used as a multi-effects unit just as easily as an all-in-one amp/cab modeling unit. Unit is in good shape, just a few small marks, but no faulty knobs/buttons/jacks. Was always kept in a hardshell case. Any questions at all, let me know.


Effects built into the GT-8: Compressor, Limiter, Touch Wah, Auto-wah, Tone Modify, Guitar Sim, Tremolo, Phaser, Flanger, Vibrato, Uni-Vibe, Ring Modulator, Slow Gear, De-Fretter, Sitar, Feedbacker, Anti-Feedbacker, Humanizer, Slicer, Wave Synth, Sub EQ, Harmonist, Pitch Shift, Pedal Bend, Octave, Rotary, Auto-Riff, Guitar Synth, Acoustic Simulator, Sound Hold, Sub Decay, Overdrive/Distortion/Boost, Chorus, Wah, Delay. Plus everything in the Preamp section. Basically, everything Boss could put into a COSM box at the time.


Just did a factory reset and checked out all of the functions/jacks. All systems go. Comes with the power supply, ready to rock.


Price is $210 shipped/paypall'd

Stuff I'm interested in: I like pedals. Fulltone, Barber, MXR, even Boss stuff that I don't already have. I'm looking specifically for a good strong vibrato / uni-vibe, and high-quality (but not silly-boutique) overdrives. I'd rather trade than sell, so put together an offer and PM it over. Worst I'll do is say no thanks.








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