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dod big pig fat distortion, morley a/b/y, and a few accessories fs/ft


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I've got a dod big pig fat distortion. Its in great shape, shows almost no signs of wear. Battery door present and intact. Has a huge distortion sound. Can do everything from a cranked jcm800 to a triple rectifier to that randall dimebag darrell sound. One of the best distortions dod ever made imho. I'd like $50 shipped


Then I also have a morley a/b/y switch. Condition 8/10. It works fine. I put a fresh battery in it so the led's will work. Batteries last forever in this thing. $35 shipped.


Bridge pickup from a squier tele. Bought the tele brand new and had it for about 4 days before swapping pickups. $20 shipped.


Tremolo arm from a fender american deluxe stratocaster- Its pretty much in mint condition coz I never used it. Its the push in type, not screw in. $5 shipped.


Last but not least I have a dunlop capo. It appears to be brushed aluminum. It works fine, I just found a capo I like better and don't need this one $5 shipped.


I'm posting this ad from my blackberry, so I can't post pictures. But, if you pm me your email address I can email as many pictures as you'd like. I can also text them straight to your phone if you'd like.


I'm not in a hurry to let go of the big pig. Ill consider all trade offers for anything I have listed above. I'm mostly interested in od/dist, delay, echo, and reverbs.



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