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FS: Vintage MXR Micro Amp w/box, Cmatmods Signa Drive


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For sale (see end of message for trades):


Vintage MXR Micro Amp w/box - $125 PPd and Shipped CONUS only.





Vintage (pre-Dunlop, no-LED) MXR Micro Amp. GREAT boost pedal, beefs up the low end while making highs nice and clear. I have really enjoyed this pedal but I don't really play out any more so I don't need to overpower another guitarist at the moment. No velcro. As you can see, there is still foam on the inside, HOWEVER, it's not all crumbled and gross like old MXR foam tends to be. It seems like it would come out pretty easy/clean, I have just never felt compelled to pull it out. I will include a fresh 9-volt as well.


Cmatmods Signa Drive - $85 PPd and Shipped CONUS only.




Outstanding and versatile overdrive pedal. Switchable for different kinds of overdrive (the middle position is deadly), from a straight up boost to a richer, saturated OD sound. Good stuff, but I have 4 OD pedals and need to eliminate redundancy. No velcro, and will come with A box but not THE box that originally accompanied it.


TRADES: I am only really interested in an Earthquaker Disaster Transport (Jr. or full version), I have pretty much what I need otherwise. I will consider other offers but like I said, only really looking for the above.


See my signature for references and eBay feedback. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for looking.

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