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My Amp for Your Pedals


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Alright so I traded a strat for some gear a while back and thought it went really well. Im looking to trade my


Fender Blues Deluxe 112 Tweed amp.


I just had this amp retubed and Serviced by Dallas Vintage Guitars two months ago which cost me close to 200$ just in tubes and recapping.

Its in a beautiful tweed that has seen the road so has relic'd naturally.

I replaced the stock speaker with a Celestion Vintage 30 G12b.



Its currently at the church that im helping out at so ill take pics in the morning.



Iam open for everything gear wise



I love delay, reverb, fuzz, overdrive etc;



Im pricing the trade value closer to 650$-700$

We can split shipping


Let me know thanks!!

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Kingdom Your box is Full.




I have a lovepedal eternity fuse that i love but im looking to use that as my low gain and "barely breakup sound" with it.

so im really looking into some versatile OD my guitar has humbuckers in it so it can take quite a few tube screamers.

AC Booster or BB is cool.

I really like the clips of the Suhr Riot, BE Mantra, Any Fuzz


As far as other stuff.

I LOVE Delay and Verb.

I could use a looper.


Im also saving up for a pitchfactor as Ive sold my POG.



Any way You can shoot me a list or generalization of what you got in mind?


I also have my stock speaker if you need that for future reference

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