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Pedals for Sale/Trade


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I build custom pedals. I sometimes have overstock or pedals I no longer need, so feel free to check out what I have available. Also, all prices below do not include shipping (right now).


Recently I finished a run of limited series pedals. I have 1.66 sets left: (5 pedals total) - two Overdrives, one Compressor, and two Boostesr - in matching finishes. They look pretty good side by side.


Each pedal is priced at a reasonable $100 per pedal plus shipping. You can check out videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/jmkokura




Prices are firm on the limited series, no trades on these please.


I have another couple Commercial Pedals up for sale also. I've been playing with them, I'm just not bonding with them. Feel free to make offers on these if you'd like.


First up is a Radial Tonebone Classic. I'd like $150 (OBO) for it. Sounds awesome, distortion with an actual built in tube, which is cool, I just don't use distortion that much, more of an slightly overdriven stack some tubescreamers kind of guy. Comes with a powersupply, has fuzzy velcro on the bottom.


Second up is a Hartman Germanium Fuzz. This is a custom edition version, with NKT275's built in. I've got another fuzz face, and since this is the easier one to sell, I'll let this go. I'm asking for $225 (OBO). Positive ground, just so you're aware. Velcroed.






Also, I still have a Ross Compressor up for sale/trade. I've been asking Sold.


I would consider these in trade (+/- cash as appropriate):


Barber Tonepress

Boss OD-3

Boss RV-5

Boss DD-7

Boss PS-6

Digitech RV-7

Line 6 Verbzilla

TC-Electronic Polytune.


I also Really want a Strymon Blue Sky, for which I will include cash if in partial trade.


I will also consider a Pedaltrain Nano, especially if it has no velcro, or only the Hook side attached to the board. Must include the accompanying case and the extra/unused velcro.


Thanks for looking, feel free to Email or PM.


Jacob Kokura

JMK Pedals


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