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FS: Dunlop Rotovibe


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I am selling a Dunlop Rotovibe for $90. The description is listed below, e-mail Taylor at tnorthern29@gmail.com if you're interested


The Dunlop JD-4S Rotovibe Expression Pedal is an electronic rotating speaker simulator allowing you to re-create the background sounds popularized by many artists, including Jimi Hendrix. Enhancements include a redesigned, quiet switching system utilizing highly reliable hardware for extended life.


Dunlop JD-4S Rotovibe Expression Pedal Features:


* Vibrato and chorus modes

* Footpedal control of modulation speed

* Knob control of modulation depth

* LED modulation speed indicators

* Effect on/off switch

* Standard 1/4" input-output

* Powered by the Dunlop ECB-003 AC Adapter and/or 9-volt

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