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WTTF Boss RC-2 or RC-20


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*Line 6 DL4 - Not cosmetically gorgeous, and I've taken good care of it, but no functional issues. Line 6 power supply, but no box or papers. (Caveat: as DL4's have a rep to randomly go schizo on people, I'm gonna call it "as is"...I have had ZERO problems with this pedal, but I can't guarantee you won't ever. Given this condition, I'll put this at a very fair $130 trade value.)


*Boss OC-2 - Good, simple octaver. No box, no papers. $45 trade value.


*Barber Tone Press - It is going to be very, very, very hard to convince me to let this one go. No box, no papers. $110 trade value.


Pics tomorrow afternoon.

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