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FS - Skreddy Zero and Catalinbread Silver Kiss Trinity


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Retired Skreddy Zero, one of Marc's finest takes on a Muff. In almost perfect condition, no velcro, absolutely beautiful. But it sounds so much better than it looks. I've owned an Ernie, a Mayo, a Lunar Modual, the ? Lady, Supa Tone, and a Top Fuel, and the Zero is a close second best out of all of them. Unbelievable sustain, tons and tons of gain on tap, lots of low end, but not woofy or farty. Just a very full, round fuzz, that still has a lot of definition and bite. - $329 OBO shipped/MO. Paypal add 3%




Catalinbread Silver Kiss Trinity


SOLD SOLD SOLD The Silver Kiss Trinity Tunable Overdrive. Known for its glassy, transparent, & balanced tone, the Silver Kiss is quickly becoming the go to OD for many guitarists around the world. This overdrive pedal features a medium gain structure with Soft and Hard switchable compression modes for singing sustain or fantastic chiming dynamics in the Open mode. The very musical sounding 3 band active graphic EQ allows for numerous tone tweaking options, from scooped and dark metal to classic in your face mid boost. The Silver Kiss Trinity also gives you a switchable Hi and Lo Mid Shift! Never before have you seen such a versatile Clean Boost, EQ and Overdrive packed into one pedal. The Catalinbread Silver Kiss Trinity is powered by 9V battery or 9V negative tip DC power supply. If you prefer a high fidelity sound with more headroom try an 18 volt power supply!








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