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FS: Xotic EP, DOD Bi-FET, Maxon Phase Tone, Double Hot Cake


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Stuff for sale. Pics below.


Xotic EP Booster. In box, like new. SOLD.

DOD FX10 Bi-FET Preamp, early 80's, cool boost with tone control, has the ever-elusive DOD battery door, SOLD.

Crowther Double Hot Cake. Like new in box. Thought I'd love it, but I didn't so I'm going back to a single Hot Cake. GONE.


Mid 70's Foot System Phase Tone, made by Maxon, same as PT-999. Sounds pretty much like a Phase 90. I added a power jack on the side and changed two resistors to increase the LFO speed a bit and increase the output a bit (I'll change them back to stock if desired). Works great and sounds excellent but cosmetically is not so pretty. The input jack had to be replaced and the knob may or may not be original. $65 shipped.





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