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FS/FT: Wampler, Fulltone, Pigtronix, EH, Boss, Marshall, TC!!! Deals!!!


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I am always on the lookout for new pedals... I am not looking for anything in the overdrive or phaser family.


Some of the pedals I am looking for, are:


Fulltone Supa Trem

Mid-Fi Pitch Pirate

Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai

Synth pedals

Rotary Speaker Sim (small footprint, please)

EH Ring Thing

Visual Sound One Spot combo pack



Here is what I have to trade/sell:




1. Fulltone Full-Drive II (older model, not the Mosfet) Amazingly transparent overdrive tones. Push-pull compressed/uncompressed gain stages. Amazingly versatile, organic, creamy overdrive. SOLD!!!


2. MXR 6 band EQ - black pedal, new version - mint condition. Traded


3. Boss Noise Supressor - Mint condition - $65.00


4. Boss Phaser - PH-2 - good condition (works perfectly) - SOLD!!!


5. Boss GT-6 - multi effects pedal that has a TON of effects, from amp modelling to distortion/drive/fuzz, chorus/flange/phase/tremolo/vibrato/slowgear, wah, volume pedal, many delays, reverbs, and crazy digital effects (slicer, humanizer, synth, etc.) $240.00 obo


6. Pigtronix Envelope Phaser (EP-1) - This pedal is a beast!! Great sound and sonic possibilities galore. Also hooks up to an expression pedal, which controls the phase rate!!! BADASS!!! $170.00 obo (w/ Original box)


7. Fulltone Octafuzz - Switch from regular fuzz (a great fuzz voicing) to the octave-ish (almost ring moddish, at times) sound of Hendrix, Beck, Trower.... Near Mint!! Large footprint version (original version) 9.9 out of 10 - SOLD!!!


8. Fulltone OCD - Version 1.4 - Mint Condition Dual voicing overdrive. HUGE HUGE sound!!! Very reactive to guitar volume manipulation. Mint Condition - $120.00 obo (W/ original box + instructions) Am looking for a trade on this, preferably... For a higher gain distortion pedal that is fat and funky. Traded!!


9. Electro Harmonix - Deluxe Memory Man - Near Mint Condition... Baddass!!! Large footprint old school analog goodness.... SOLD!!!!


10. Marshall Jackhammer - Near Mint condition... Great distortion and OD settings.... Very Marshally.... $60.00


11. Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe - Super clean (near mint) most recent version (before the MDV2). Hendrix in a box. $180.00 obo (w/ original box) Traded!!!


12. Line 6 Echo Park - Super clean... Tap tempo and tons of different modes (analog, digital, tape, plus mod on all three, trails on/off, ducking, reverse, swell, etc.) Very versatile pedal - Sold!!


13. Z Vex Vexter Fuzz Factory - 9.7/10 super clean... Crazy, versatile fuzz pedal by Zachary Vex... Great tones, amazing sustain, great noise gate, endless array of tones.... $150.00 (will look for original box) Not selling for now!!!


14. Wampler Pinnacle II Limited Edition - Two stomp version, mint condition, tasteful velcro on the botoom. Comes with original box. SOLD!!!


15. MXR Dynacomp - Excellent condition, with velcro on bottom. Newer version, not vintage. $60.00


16. Boss RV-3 Delay/Reverb Pedal. Multiple modes (delay, verb+delay, verb) Very versatile pedal. Mid 90's. Great condition. Velcro. Jacks are a little loose but nothing some pliers or a wrench can't get into tip top shape. Traded!


Studio Gear/Amps/Misc:


1. TC Electronics Fireworx - AMAZING rack unit that does EVERYTHING!!! ANY effect you can think of is attainable with this amazing rack unit!!! Highest fidelity, audio quality, signal to noise ratio, etc. This is the ultimate studio processor. Near Mint condition. $1,500.00 obo.


2. BBE 482 - Full rack unit - $70.00 obo


3. AKG C1000S Condenser mic - decent shape cosmetically... Phantom powered... Works great... Includes clip... No wind screen or box... SOLD!!


4. Crate BT-15 bass practice amp... surprisingly warm and well voiced... mint condition - $80.00 obo


5. Alesis Qadraverb - Old School effects processor in rack form. Original Quad, not the GT. Great condition. Includes power supply and maybe the manual (if I can find it...) $120.00 obo


6. Roland VS-1680 w/ expanded memory (20GB HD, if I remember correctly.. might be 40GB...) Excellent shape.... Great for portable recording or home studio.... Up to 8 simultaneous inputs to record!!!! $300.00


I am also selling some nice LEFTY guitars (electrics, primarily). email me for details...


(1. Washburn Idol - Tobacco Sunburst, Seymour Duncans, VCC system, Buzz Feiten tuning system;


2. Carvin DC727 seven string, transparent blue, maple board, duncan invader and jazz pu's, fixed bridge, active/passive electronics + OHSC;


3. Wes Lambe custom 8 string guitar/bass hybrid, like Charlie Hunter guitar: 5 guitar strings, 3 bass strings, Bartolini S8 pickups for bass, Duncans for guitar, coil taps, independant tone and volume for each side, seperate jacks, fanned frets, walnut body, ebony board, cherryburst finish.. super hot!!! with killer TKL case!!! email me for pricing!!!)


Please hit me up via email, either here or at: meganutt7@yahoo.com


And check out some of my tracks on my myspace page, below... or my lessons on youtube....





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