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Dirt Sale! Wampler Pinnacle V2 and Catalinbread DLS V1


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Alright I have two great dirt pedals up for grabs:

First we have EVH's brown sound in a box... the Wampler Pinnacle V2 practically brand new with no wear or velcro: $150 shipped


Second we have the acclaimed Marshall sound in a box... a Catalinbread DLS V1. Velcro tastefully applied, showing a little more use than the Pinnacle... this pedal has balls! $115 shipped


Both pedals function great! Please add 3% for paypal if not paying with the gift option. Not really looking for anything in particular trade wise unless you have a Paul Trombetta mini bone Fuzz, but you may be able to surprise me.

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Hey - Im interested in both pedals in particular the pinnacle though would any of the following interest you in a trade for the 2?
Wampler Plexi-drive - "only for the pinnacle"
Vfe Rumble Bumble 2 in 1 custom pedal - great Parametric E.Q plus clean boost on one side & and volume swell plus compressor on the other side
Digitech Hardwire RV-7 Stereo reverb Pedal
Digitech hardwire CR-7 Stereo Chorus Pedal
Morley a/b/y guitar and amp selector
Boss chorus ensemble ce-6
Fishman rare earth humbucking mountable pickup for acoustic guitar. (used 2-3 times and is in box now)

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