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Pedals for Sale/Trade - JMK Pedals, Boss, Radial


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I build custom pedals. I sometimes have overstock or pedals I no longer need, so feel free to check out what I have available. Also, all prices below do not include shipping (right now).


Recently I finished a run of limited series pedals. 4 pedals total are left - two Overdrives (Two Knob), and two Boosters (SHO clones) - in matching finishes. They look pretty good side by side.


Each pedal is priced at a reasonable $100 per pedal plus shipping. You can check out videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/jmkokura






Prices are firm on the limited series, no trades on these please.


I have several other Pedals up for sale/trade also. I've been playing with them, I'm just not bonding with them. Feel free to make offers on these if you'd like.


First up is a Radial Tonebone Classic. I'd like $125 for it. Sounds awesome, distortion with an actual built in tube, which is cool, I just don't use distortion that much. Comes with a powersupply, has fuzzy velcro on the bottom.




Next up is a lot that is entirely for sale or trade. From upper left and clockwise: Tap Tremolo has a small finish blem, also has some velcro but it's entirely functional with no issues and full warranty - $150 (Used Condition). Echo Base is a modulated digital delay that's made to have the dark analog sound we all love - $175 (New Condition, I won't be disappointed if this doesn't sell). The Fuzzy Factor is an obvious clone, but it has AC128's in it and sounds pretty awesome - $175 (New Condition). Rebote Delay is a Tap Tempo version of a digital delay, this is awesome and if I didn't have so many delays it would be staying - GONE. Boss DD3, standard in simple, straight foward, digital delay - $60 (Used Condition). Chorus Ensemble is a CE-2 clone using authentic chips, but it has several modifications including a Wet Switch, Deep Switch, Vibrato Mode, and a Mix knob for blending in your clean signal, has some velcro on it, but in otherwise perfect condition - $175 (Like New Condition). All pedals are true bypass EXCEPT the Boss DD3 and Echo Base.




Last but not least are some pedals I'm not sure I want to let go of, but I would consider letting them go for the right trade and or price. The first is an Aristocrat, which is a pair of Bluesbreakers, a clone of the dual KOT, which is in like new condition, with velcro, and a small finish blem. The next is a Rangemaster Clone, using a genuine Military Spec NOS OC44 transistor, Mid or Treble options for the boost, and runs off of +9VDC because of the included Charge Pump conversion inside. Last is a Big Muff with a shiny, buffed up aluminum enclosure, built to Ram's Head specs with true Bypass. Muff on Hold




I would consider these in trade (+/- cash as appropriate):


Barber Tonepress

Strymon OB-1

Boss DD-7

Boss PS-6

Boss RV-5

Digitech RV-7

Strymon Blue Sky (for which I will include cash if in partial trade, or will trade two appropriately priced pedals)


Thanks for looking, feel free to Email or PM. Feel free to make an offer, I'm usually willing to negotiate and the worst that can happen is I say no.


Jacob Kokura

JMK Pedals


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