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Korg SDD 1000 digital delay (rack unit) $150


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Korg SDD 1000 digital delay, with manual and two-switch foot pedal. Ears have a very small amount of rack rash. Works perfectly. Currently mounted in a homemade wooden single space rack/ box (Yours if you want it, or I'll remove it).


This is the plain vanilla version of the Korg SDD 3000 used by the Edge on U2's mid-80s albums incl The Joshua Tree. The SDD 1000 is very easy to use because it has knobs instead of digital inputs. Warm, wonderful pre-amps. Great modulation if you want it. If you know The Joshua Tree album, then you will get a shiver of recognition when you hear this thing- it is The Sound. Amazingly wonderful, clean, bright presence for a 12-bit 1980s-era sampler. Gear collectors and Edge's fame have sent the price of the SDD3000 to ridiculous heights (one just sold on ebay for $1200!!!). Buy my SDD 1000 for $150 and keep more than $1000 in your pocket. Price includes shipping.


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