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FT: vintage dynacomp, behringer tube OD. ibanez echo machine. WANT:pds2020 or flanger


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Im mainly looking for a digitech PDS20/20, hopefully this saves all the eBay transaction fees and time.

and if you just want to buy, dynacomp is $80, the echomachine is $60, the tube ODs are just for trade.



others Id be interested in if the pds2020 doesn't come through:

DOD FX75B flanger. FX75B only. the other small box dods don't have delay time control.

ibanez wh10v2

rocktron hypnotic flange

line 6 liquaflange

maxon jet riser

might be interested in any 4 or 5 knob flanger if it has manual/delay time control, no 2 or 3 knobs!

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oh wow boss tw-1! do want! Im not sure what the going rate is of that pedal but Ill try and compensate the difference with paypal.

I have to warn you though if you never used a soundtank, the switch doesn't always work unless you stomp it correctly, its near impossible to do it with your hand. its not broken or anything thats just how these soundtank pedals are and why they stopped making them.

nice collection you got going btw!

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