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FS/FT: POD X3; MXR CC; Ibanez pickups


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All prices include shipping & PayPal :)


POD X3 - $80-this unit is not working, atm; the unit took a (short) fall & the power jack was damaged; I replaced it, but it's still not firing up - am not sure if it's fixable or if I completely gorked it - for $80, you can find out - I have since picked up a POD HD 400, so the X3 is just sitting around - have orig box & "Pilot's Manual"


MXR Carbon Copy v2- $110-TRADEDordered this at the same time as a Malekko Ekko 616, which I prefer (ever so slightly) so I'm letting the CC go - hate to call stuff "as new", etc...but will say it's in VERY good shape, orig box papers, etc


Ibanez pickups (2) V7/S1/V8 sets - $30/set or $50 for 'em all

-one set is out of a 2001 RG570 - a little rougher, but, IMO, a little hotter, too

-other set is out of a 2009 RG1550 - this set is in GREAT shape




Stuff I'd like to trade for:

-money :p

-PT-mini (w/One-Spot or maybe even Fuel Tank Jr)

-Sonic Research Turbo Tuner (the floor/stomp/pedal version)

-DiMarzio F-Spaced, black pickups (Air Norton, Tone Zone, Crunch Lab, LiquiFire, PAF Pro - looking to try some different stuff out)

-Pedals (whatcha got?) or pedal-making supplies (just getting into this and could always use...everything)





DiMarzio EVO set - $90 (would much prefer to trade straight up)

-not sure if I wanna get rid of these or keep in the arsenal, but they ain't working in the guitar (aforementioned RG570) they are in (for me) - I much prefer the PAF Pro set in another RG...like I mentioned, am wanting to try some different stuff...more itching to try DiMarzio stuff, atm, but am open-minded (NO JBs, lol) -

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included shipping is to CONUS, but I don't mind shipping just about any where...we can work it out


EVO set is neck & bridge humbuckers, no sc


Don't be shy to make offers/trade offers - you might have something I never knew I couldn't live w/o, lol

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