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FT: EHX, Rare Devi, theSYLE


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Please PM me offers, I may forget to check this thread or bump it...


Alright, it's been at least five months since I've made a good trade... which is a long time for me....so...


Here's what I'm looking for:

- Effector 13/Devi rarities. I would love a Spectacular or Truly Beautiful pedal. (Already have Tri-fuzz, SG, 05/25, 33, ZG, DF, and DB)

- Tremolo: Tremolessence, EQD, something cool looking with Square Wave.

- Dr. Scientist, EQD, Death By Audio, TheSyle, Dwarfcraft, Mid-fi, Lastgasp Art Lab, fuzz, fuzz, fuzz.


Here's what I have:

- EHX Small Stone: sold

- EHX Small Clone: sold

- Devi Ever [Aen]ima: flipswitch controls gain. Normal noisy Aenima tones up and more transparent/non noisy tones down. Relic'd and sold by Devi herself awhile back. Only really looking to trade this towards a Spectacular/Truly Beautiful pedal or Mid-fi/theSYLE/Last Gasp.

- TheSYLE Mind Eraser: Fucked up, gated, noisy, does cool shit with other pedals, fuzzy distortion, lo-fi, shoegaze, fuck your face pedal. Seriously, the controls are super interactive especially with other fuzzes. Use your tone knob on your guitar and you can stop the repeats on a delay pedal.... really. I have no fucking clue how it does some of the things it does. Also a hard one to let go of, but let's see what you got.


PM me with offers, trades, money, whatever.






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