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Pedals FS/FT : M9/MI Audio/SHO/Meathead/MicroPOG/etc

Aaron SS

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Check back frequently, I've got even more stuff to add.




EHX Micro POG - Near Mint, haven't used it much since I got my M9. $165




MI Audio Blues Pro W/ Fuzz Switch - Excellent condition. $80




MI Audio Boost N Buff - Has it fair share of nicks and scrapes but works perfectly and sounds great. Only selling as I'm DIY'ing a different kind've buffer. $65




BBE Free Fuzz - Good condition, a few nicks and scrapes. $45




JMK Honey Drive - Honey Bee Clone built by a HC'er, sounds awesome but it's a bit redundant in my setup. $125




SHO Clone - Built by me, brand new, powdercoated enclosure, Neutrik Jacks, DC Power, PCB. Awesome circuit that is an absolute must in my setup. This along with the other DIY pedals are being sold to fund more DIY projects. $95




Line 6 M9 Double Preset Switch - Built by me, allows you to have 2 different effect settings that are footswitchable. Again something that is an absolute must in my personal setup. I use mine to change delay times and switch between rhythm and lead settings. $49




Line 6 M9 Breakout Box - I built this for use with my M9. It has a locking input jack feedthrough so that you can plug into the side of your pedalboard and then into your M9. It also has an external pot that can be used like my double preset switch but it also allows you to dial in "in between" settings. Lots of fun and can open up a lot of possibilities with the M9. $25

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