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Amazing Fender Strat and SKB Case!


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2006 MIM Fender Strat


Flamed Maple Top

Adler body

C-shaped fender neck (9.5" radius I believe)

Tinted maple neck

rosewood board, no fretwear

USA Tex-Mex pickups (factory)

Parchment pick guard

SKB Deluxe Case (ATA Certified latches)

Strap locks


This guitar is amazing! It is in pristine shape, other that a couple of pick scratches on the guard.


Make me an offer! I'm ready to sell (but please...reasonable offers:thu:)


Also interested in trading for:


Epi Sheraton or Casino

Nice Epi LP (Custom would be awesome)

Fender dual bucker teles

other hollow bodies


Some pics:







Plastic film has been removed from back cover







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I'm not going to go any lower than that. At that point, I'd be losing too much money on the deal. At $375, I'm basically throwing a $125 case in for free. I may end up putting it on ebay, but I have several who are looking at it right now. Don't want to just give it away to sell it, ya know?


However, if one of you is interested in the guitar only, we could probably do that. I could sell the guitar alone for $330. I'm not gonna sell the case until this guitar sells.

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That is a nice strat. I've been watching this thread for a while trying to fight off the urge. I've made a few too many purchases lately and that's what's holding me back.


I've got a Squier Master Series Tele I'd be interested in trading toward it but I doubt that's something your interested in. If you are let me know and I'll get you more detailed pics.


Otherwise I'll just watch this thread and try to control my urge to buy.




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